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Here you can select datasets of interest that are published by the Member States. The datasets are organised according to the theme from the Masterlist. You can filter these datasets according to key word searches, whether the data provides disaggregation by the age of child, sex, region within country or socio-economic group and by source. The listing of national datasets indicates whether the information provided is equivalent or approximate to the Masterlist indicators. When you select a dataset you will be able to access the raw data and metadata .

On this page you can see the international datasets that include information on the particular country.

The national contextual overview describes the national legal and policy framework with regard to children's involvement in criminal judicial proceedings as at 1 June 2012.

Member States authorities were given an opportunity to comment on the draft reports.Please note, however, that the contextual overviews provide a snapshot of the situation in terms of legislation and policy in a given country as at 1 June 2012 , and since then there may have been legislative and policy changes.Where these changes were known at the time of drafting in early 2013, they are referenced in footnotes, but the time lag from the reference date of 1 June 2012 and the publication date of May 2014 must be kept in mind. .

Find here instructions on viewing comments, downloading and printing data.

The contextual overviews for all Member State can be downloaded here: European Union Open Data Portal

The reference date for the contextual overviews on children's involvement in criminal judicial proceedings was 1 June 2012 and the reports published below were finalised in June 2013. Readers should be aware that the situation may have changed in some Member States since the reference date and the finalisation date for the study.

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