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This glossary has been developed for the sole purpose of facilitating the use of the results of this study. It provides definitions and examples of the use of the terms relating to the information and data presented on the site concerning children in judicial proceedings. It does not include definitions of legal terms which may vary between Member States and legal commentators.



A list that contains indicators developed in the course of the study. The list is divided into 18 themes and includes contextual indicators and indicators that relate to safeguards defined in key international and EU human rights instruments. The Masterlist was reviewed by the Steering Group for the study and Member State authorities were also consulted. The Masterlist includes references to international laws, safeguards and standards that provide a basis for the definition of many of the indicators. The indicators in the Masterlist related to safeguards are classified according to whether they are structural, process or outcome


Information on the characteristics of the datasets (this includes: theme, Masterlist indicator number to which it is equivalent or approximate, source, timescale, definition, and type of disaggregation) in order to help users understand or to use the dataset.