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This glossary has been developed for the sole purpose of facilitating the use of the results of this study. It provides definitions and examples of the use of the terms relating to the information and data presented on the site concerning children in judicial proceedings. It does not include definitions of legal terms which may vary between Member States and legal commentators.


Qualitative indicators

Indicators with scores that are informed (in part or whole) by judgements. CRIM051 Availability of information in a child-friendly format for child (suspected) offenders about rights, charges and procedures in police stations and other competent authorities across the country is an example of an indicator that is partly qualitative, scores of yes, no and in part have been allocated. Aspects of the indicator such as child-friendly and across the country may be somewhat judgemental and open to interpretation.

Quantitative indicators

Indicators with scores that are informed by facts. For example, CRIM009.1 Children arrested during a 12 month period per 100,000 child population is a quantitative indicator included in the Masterlist.