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This glossary has been developed for the sole purpose of facilitating the use of the results of this study. It provides definitions and examples of the use of the terms relating to the information and data presented on the site concerning children in judicial proceedings. It does not include definitions of legal terms which may vary between Member States and legal commentators.


Survey data

Information that results from the systematic sampling of respondents. Information from the survey is used to make inferences about the whole population. In this study there are very few data of this type. Many of the outcome indicators require data of this type.


The values attributed to variables or indicators. Score may be expressed nominally (for example, yes/No/partial) or as numbers (which could be scores on ordinal, interval or ratio scales)

Structural indicators

Indicators that reflect the state of the the legal, budgetary and policy context in Member States and that take account of legal instruments and institutional mechanisms. For example, CRIM050 Statutory provision on the right of child (suspected) offenders to information in a child-friendly format - that takes into account any special needs of the child - about rights, charges and procedures from the child's first contact with a competent authority is a structural indicator